Sunshine Teacher Box

Sunshine Teacher Box

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THANK YOU TEACHERS 🍎 📚 Our teachers have kept trooping on whether it be via zoom classrooms or socially distanced lessons for our key worker families. I can only imagine the strain it has placed upon them doing double lesson planning; marking, meetings and the rest throughout this crazy year! It felt only right to create a special box especially for our hardworking teachers to not only thank them but to help them wind down and relax during this years summer holidays! We’ve named this box the ‘Sunshine Box’ and within you’ll find a shower steamer (great if you’re not sure if teacher has a bath), a room spray and one of our nourishing lip balms! They are going for an absolute bargain, your end of year gifts sorted! 🧡 ☀️


- 1 x 100ml exclusive Sunshine room spray 

- 1 x Pocket Fulla Sunshine Shower Steamer 

- 1 x Mandarin Organic Lip Balm