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I just wanted to post a friendly reminder about messaging the Dirty Fresh Cosmetics Instagram account. I’m getting customers becoming frustrated that I’m not replying to them, I have asked that you email me any enquiries as I can sit at my desk during work hours and set time to reply/fix issues/answer questions etc. My Instagram is logged in my personal mobile phone and I got to a point I was answering messages 24/7 and couldn’t separate work from home balance. I think it’s only fair to ask for the courtesy of allowing others to have their down time to rest and recharge! We advocate massively for mental health and self care and I’m sure many of you will understand how important it is to spend time with loved ones as well as alone without the burden of work life weighing down on you.

So pretty pretty please, email me! I pride myself on fantastic customer service and hope many of you will agree, I just can’t do it 24/7. If you’ve got this far, thank you for reading and I’m sending you all of the love, light and good vibes 🌱 ✌🏻💕

Email: hello@dirtyfresh.co

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